Restoration of a historical building is the attempt of returning a building to its known earliest state, which a variety of criteria needing to be set out for restoration to be acceptable and to take place. Once those criteria have been satisfied, we at Green Access can offer the highest standard of workmanship at all times to complete the necessary work.

We are committed to restoring historical and significant structures and buildings, which is why we provide a safe method of work at heights through rope access, cradles and MEWP’s. We use both traditional and modern methods in order to create the desired solution to any problem or issue that may arise during the restoration process.

Green Access provides visual methods of inspection, lime pointing, structural repairs, leak finding, roofing maintenance, lead work, painting, bird proofing and vegetation removal and more.


Our team is committed to ethical guidelines that are required when restoring historical buildings. We offer cost effective solutions and try to reduce the environmental impact when carrying out the required work.

Because some historical buildings are still in use, Green Access uses rope access in order to reduce the disruption caused to those business using that building during their business hours.

Green Access are the specialist you need to conduct the restoration on your historical building and they will do it at a competitive price.