Whatever the Job we can supply a trade team to complete the task. We can also provide highly skilled teams of climbers to cover your workers at height and in confined space. With ropes access techniques recues from heights can be carried out swiftly and safely. When other access methods can leave people exposed to high risks of injuries or death due to the effects of suspension intolerance / trauma.

Any work at height should be planned with a rescue plan in place. Green Access provide rescue plans on every work site. Each one is written and planned by a qualified IRATA Level 3 who will oversee the work site and be ready to enact a rescue at any moment. All IRATA level 3 are trained to get a casualty to an area where correct medical attention can be given or emergency services can take control of the scene. All IRATA Level 3’s are required to be regularly first aid trained.

As well as Rescue personnel we can provide specialist equipment so that rescue can be enacted quickly and efficiently.

Typical examples of Trade personnel that can be supplied are:

  • Black Trades (Iron Workers / Pipe fitters) or (Welders, Riggers and Platers)
  • Electrical Teams
  • NDT Teams (LEER, UT, Eddy current, MPI, Dye Pen and Xray)
  • Insulators
  • Painters
  • Scaffolding
  • Construction teams – (Glaser, Brick work, Sealant techs, roofers and building inspectors)
  • Geotechnical teams– (Rock Scalers, Drillers and Meshing teams)

Typical examples of rescue teams that can be supplied are:

  • Working at Height – Ropes access rescues, as opposed to High angle rescue where only a single line is used
  • Confined Space Rescue Cover
  • Fire Watch