Wind Turbines have an estimated 20-year lifespan and in that time, they are designed to work for 120,000 hours. In that 20-year lifespan, the turbine needs to be maintained in order to ensure it works at peak capacity.

Wind turbines both onshore and offshore suffer from the effects of adverse conditions, such as rain, storms, heat and others. Maintaining many of the assets involved with the turbine means an on-going programme of preventative maintenance to ensure it doesn’t become damages or has any serious issues occur. If a serious issue does occur, it will likely lead to loss of efficiency and possibly yield complete turbine failure.


Our team of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced engineers are available to inspect wind turbines to discover if there are any failures or potential failures that could occur. Our team is then able to work quickly to perform any corrective maintenance or required.

Green Access are experts in rope access that means they can investigate and survey the wind turbine without having any more intrusive access and is far more cost efficient.

Wind Turbine Services

  • Blade inspection
  • Blade repair
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Rigging and lifting
  • Electrical installation
  • Rescue cover for escape and tower recuse
  • Welding team provision
  • J tube installation
  • NDT provision
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Eddy Current Inspection
  • Radiography
  • Visual Inspection